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Day 1 - Arrive and get your first impressions of the rainforest

Morning - Departure from Coca down the Napo river to Sinchi Wayra

We welcome you on an adventure down one of the most unique and biodiverse rivers of the Amazon headwaters, the Napo. We begin our journey by picking you up at the airport or at the pier and traveling two and a half hours in a motorized canoe deep into the Yasuní national park. During the trip we may see a variety of species of birds, mammals, and aquatic turtles, as we reach our destination, Sinchi Wayra. Welcome to an authentic jungle paradise. Make yourself comfortable in your private room, and then explore the common areas and surrounding garden, while lunch is prepared for you.

Afternoon - Anaconda Back Trail

In the rainforest directly behind Sinchi Wayra is the Anaconda back trail. We will learn about the environment during this 1-2 hour jungle hike. The forest is very wet here, so we will walk on the backs of fallen palm trees. Our knowledgeable guides will help spot and identify animals. We may see any of a variety of species of monkeys, poison dart frogs, parrots, toucans, sloths, or anteaters. We will return during dusk, while many animals are most active, so bring a headlamp! When you return, our chef will prepare you a beautiful and artistic dinner. A fusion of local foods and world-class cuisine await you.

Day 2 - Explore the birdlife of Yasuní

Morning - Parrot viewing at the clay lick and rainforest hike

Wake up to an early breakfast juice, tea, coffee, fruit, bread and eggs in your favorite style. We depart early today, so breakfast will be served during sunrise. We will return to our canoe and travel upriver half an hour to a place where parrots visit each morning to eat clay from the cliff side. This is your chance to witness four species of parrots and parakeets gather to lick clay, from the comfort of the boat. Keep your eyes out for monkeys too! Afterwards, continue to a rugged wilderness hike in the rainforest. You may see some of the monkey species endemic only to Yasuní, such as the Golden Mantle monkey and Saki Napo monkey. We will also visit the largest trees in the jungle, sacred to the people of the Sani community, and learn about the uses of native trees and plants for indigenous communities.

Afternoon - Wildlife exploration hike in the Cuyabeno territory

In the afternoon, we board the motorized canoe to cross to the other side of the Napo River, where the Cuyabeno Game Reserve area begins. We follow narrow rainforest trails, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers and accompanied by wild sounds from the depths of the forest. Together we discover a variety of animals such as black-maned tamarins, dart-poison frogs, toucans, macaws and others. As the sun sets, we return to the lodge with many impressions, where a refreshing drink and dinner await us

Day 3 - Explore the indigenous culture and meet caimans by night

Morning - Visit the Sani community and womans center

After breakfast, we will visit the Sani community center, womens organization, and school to learn about traditional village life and culture. We will try to shoot with a traditional blowgun and then walk through a garden of medicinal plants and agricultural foods. After learning about their uses, we will be invited to learn from the community women about their traditional food preparation and prepare our traditional lunch by yourself and enjoy drinks. We are invited to support the woman's organization by buying traditional handicrafts, from jewelry to pottery. If you would like, bring a small amount of money to spend on beautiful gifts and mementos.

Afternoon - Observation tower and Sani lagoon

We will visit the Sani lagoon and see yet another rainforest ecosystem. We will travel by small paddle canoe into an estuary environment. It is easy to see squirrel and howler monkeys in this protected area, as we paddle upriver to a trailhead. A 15 minute walk brings us to the 36 meter / 120 ft observation tower. A climb to the top of the tower will reward us with a sunset and a view of the jungle expanse from the canopy.

Night - Caimans observation by night

Our return through the lagoon will be in the dark, the perfect time to see caimans and listen to the sounds of glass frogs! Caimans can grow up to 6 meters long and there are hundreds in the lagoon, both cute babies and full-grown adults. Keep your eyes out for their eyes, which shine in the light of a flashlight. We will return from our adventure and have dinner after dark

Day 4 - Discover pink river dolphins and try your hand at piranha fishing

Full day - Excursion to Panacocha Lagoon

This unique full day experience will bring you to Panacocha lagoon, a large blackwater lake which lies an hour and a half from Sinchi Wayra. Here is your chance to witness a density of wildlife rarely seen. The Amazon's famous pink river dolphins live in the lagoon, and there is a chance that you could see them, as well. Eat a packed lunch while observing birds, and then try your hand at piranha fishing! If you were lucky to catch one, our chef will prepare it for dinner if you will.

Day 5 - Return to Coca (incl. airport transfer)

Returned up the Napo River to Coca Malecon - end of tour

We get up at sunrise and pack our luggage. After a last breakfast, we say goodbye to the family and board the motorized canoe that takes us back to civilization in Coca. If you have one of the morning flights to Quito, we will take you to the airport on time. We thank you for visiting Sinchi Wayra! Your visit helps our community and our vision of protecting this unique rainforest.

  • River transport Coca - Sinchi Wayra Yasuni - Coca (Puerto Francisco de Orellana)
  • Lodging at Sinchi Wayra Yasuni
  • Full meals including coffee and non-alcoholic beverages as provided
  • Visit to clay lick of Parrots and Parakeets
  • Local Guide
  • Internet
  • Activities visits according to the itinerary
  • Entrance to Yasuní National Park
  • Rubber boots
  • Transportation between Quito and Coca (Puerto Francisco de Orellana)
  • Any accommodation in Coca
  • Entrance to clay lick of Macaw
  • Bottled beverages, alcoholic drinks, tips, laundry and any other not specified
  • Binoculars

  • Flashlight

  • Insect repellent

  • Sun block

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Pocket fan for a cooling breeze

  • Raincoat
  • Comfortable shoes, long-sleeved clothes and long socks

  • Camera

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Waterproof day pack (or with rain cover)

  • Cash in $20 or $10 bills

Suitcases and large bags can be taken to the lodge, we have enough space in the canoes.

Refunds for booking cancellations will be made as follows:

- 100% refund for cancellations 90 days before the start of the tour
-50% refund for cancellations 60 days before the start of the tour
- 25% refund for cancellations 30 days before the start of the tour
- 0% refund for cancellations less than 30 days before the start of the tour

The cancellation policy is effective regardless of the reason for cancellation.

You can get to Coca either by bus or by a 35 minute flight from Quito, where we will start our 2.5 hour transfer to the Sinchi Wayra lodge by motorized canoes.

We recommend Aeroregional (https://aeroregional.net) as airline, that offers flights for around 80$ one way.

If you prefer bus, we recommend Cooperativa de Transportes Baños (https://www.cooperativabanos.com.ec).

Transportation to Coca is not included in the tour.

We will pick you up around 10:00 in the morning at the airport or directly at the pier in Coca. We will get in touch with you few days before your arrival to coordinate the pickup with your flight/bus schedule.

We will depart at the lodge at sunrise with our motorized canoes and will arrive in Coca around 10:00 in the morning and bring you to the airport if needed. If your flight schedule requires you to be at the airport earlier, we can align our departure from the lodge accordingly.

No, our power supply does not allow this, unfortunately. There is no electricity after 10 PM, but the temperatures are not so stifling and absolutely okay for a restful sleep for most of our guests. Unless you are particularly sensitive, we recommend you take a battery-powered fan with you.

Unfortunately, our power supply does not currently allow us to prepare hot water and the clear shower water is at ambient temperature. With the warm temperatures in the rainforest, a refreshing shower is very welcome for most of our guests and therefore you won't freeze when showering.